Atlantis College was established in 1996 and collaborated with a UK awarding body in the area of Aesthetics.

In 2003 it was registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture as a Higher Education Institution and has been offering a variety of vocational and academic programmes ever since.

Atlantis College is dedicated to providing students with excellent academic and practical knowledge in a friendly environment.


Atlantis College has been registered in the Records Of Tertiary Education Private Schools Kept at the Ministry of Education and Culture, by virtue of article 19(3) of the

Tertiary Education Schools Laws of 1996 to 2003.


Atlantis College Mission is to:

Provide high quality, relevant and varied educational programmes to a diverse community, promoting opportunities for the intellectual, cultural and personal growth of its students. The College is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, comprehensiveness, lifelong learning, partnership building and for students to discover their potential and achieve their ambitions.

The College values its role as an educational leader, embracing change and responding to the complex needs of those it serves.


Atlantis College strategic plan encompasses the core strategies of the College and over the next 5 years aims to:

·        Be a leading vocational and academic educational institution offering high quality education in a varied spectrum of programmes

·        Improve Research output of College Faculty

·        Through the core activities of teaching and learning engage with society firmly in national and regional contexts

·        Align diversity, quality, relevance and sustainability as key navigational markers in the ongoing process of growth and transformation of the institution

·        Engage in the pursuit of excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer and application of knowledge


Atlantis college will attract and retain students of a high caliber, irrespective of background.

The College will provide an enriching teaching and learning environment through:

·        Supporting innovative teaching practices to deliver better learning outcomes to students

·        Provide high quality open access learning resources for students

·        Provide opportunities for students to gain global competencies and experiences through internationalization experiences

The College will develop well rounded and highly sought -after graduates and engaged alumni by:

·        Ensuring that graduates have the necessary leadership, professional and research skills to enhance their employability

·        Creating a culture that encourages all students to reach their potential and develop important networks

·        Promoting intercultural and linguistic diversity through our student profile and mobility opportunities


The College will have mutually beneficial relationships with business, government, the social sector and the wider community by:

·        Welcoming members of the wider community to our College to undertake and participate in lectures and seminars and events and to enjoy our facilities

·        Encouraging staff and students to participate in events and undertake voluntary activities

·        Building partnerships with alumni, industry, and others providing opportunities to play a part in our future development.

The College will forge lifelong meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with Alumni by:

·        Creating and facilitating
opportunities for Alumni to contribute to the continued success of Atlantis College


The college will focus on attempting to raise the profile of research activity. It will develop and attract highly skilled research-oriented academics who will be pivotal in implementing the College strategies.


The college has continued to apply for grants through the Erasmus + programme for student and staff mobility through K102 VET learner and staff mobility and K103 Higher Education student and Staff Mobility and KA121.
The College’s goals in this area are to internationalize the institution and to increase the number of students involved in mobility programmes over the next 5 years. The college also aims to promote cooperation with international companies and educational institutions offering students, staff and faculty the opportunity to have access to new and interesting experiences both educationally and improving social integration and intercultural awareness in more diverse societies. This will increase and promote a culture of networking amongst students, faculty and staff and promote the concept of lifelong learning. 

Social Contribution

Atlantis College believes in integrating social and environmental concerns in the business operations of the College as well as with interactions with students, employees, the business community and the wider society.

Each year several events are organized by the College and the students themselves through various clubs. The college supports charitable and other worthwhile events in the community at large. At the core of our College’s Social Responsibility initiatives is our concern and pursuit to bring about positive change in the key areas:

  1. Access to education
  2. Social and environmental
  3. Investing in people and the community
  4. Advancement in research and technology
  5. Contributing to informed public debate

The entire Atlantis College community shares our institutional values and the vision for a sustainable future, actively supporting the College’s endeavours to promote it.


Atlantis College strives to ensure the delivery of continued academic programme quality and excellence and adopts the necessary criteria to establish a functional and well documented quality assurance system with a view to enable continuous improvement through self-evaluation and action planning. Atlantis College also aims to provide an
outstanding student experience by ensuring the quality of our programmes, teaching, and infrastructure for learning and teaching” 
Atlantis College Quality Policy has the following aims and goals:


·        To ensure that appropriate and transparent governance and management structures are in place to guarantee continuous progress in implementing and supporting quality assurance and improvement measures.

·        To ensure that the Colleges’ strategic planning and development and quality assurance and improvement mutually inform and support each other.

·        To develop a quality culture that permeates all areas of the College for the benefit of the students, staff and the local, regional and national community.

·        To implement and maintain procedures relating to the approval, monitoring and review of programmes.

·        To take the advice of independent external peers and organisations, in particular external examiners, professional, statutory and regulatory bodies and external assessors in internal and external reviews of academic, administrative and support units.

·        To gather quantitative and qualitative data and to conduct periodic surveys to get feedback from key stakeholder groups including students and employers, for quality improvement and policy making.


The Quality Policy will be reviewed from time to time to ensure that it remains appropriate and fit for purpose. In order to protect the standards and the integrity of its awarded qualifications, the College has comprehensive policies and processes for quality assurance. It is responsible to ensure that the quality of learning experiences is appropriate to enable students to achieve those standards. In order to discharge those responsibilities, the College has a range of policies and procedures for assuring the academic standards of awards and enhancing the quality of its educational provision. These policies and procedures are outlined in the Quality Manual. Additional policies may be implemented based on the recommendations of the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC).


Ultimately, the College Policy for Quality Assurance:

1.   supports all organisational units, committees, and members of staff to take on their responsibilities in quality assurance

2.   ensures academic integrity and freedom and protect against academic fraud

3.   guards against unfairness and discrimination against students or staff

4.   supports the involvement of external stakeholders in quality assurance within the College, ultimate responsibility for the Quality Assurance framework rests with the

Quality Assurance committee.



 It is my pleasure to welcome you to Atlantis College. As you can see from our website, our goal is to provide students with a quality education in specific career fields that are in high demand. There are few decisions that anyone makes that impact their future more than their college decision. It is our hope that we can help you make the most informed decision possible. Whether you are looking for a career in Aviation Management or Aesthetics or one of our other programmes, I am confident that our degree and diploma programs will meet your needs. We offer a wide range of both vocational and academic programmes. We offer personalized attention for each of our students and a level of high quality education. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to your success. We aim for you to have the best learning experience possible at Atlantis College. We will also ensure you learn in small class sizes. We feel small class sizes allows for valuable collaboration with classmates, maximum interaction with lecturers, and promotes optimum learning in your new career.

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and personally invite you to visit our campus so that we can meet you in person.


Michael Aresti,
Executive Director 
Atlantis College



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