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Atlantis College

Atlantis college is one of the most modern colleges established in Cyprus in the recent years. It is a very dynamic college which offers high standards of private education.
Atlantis college faculty are respected academic instructors and experienced practitioners or researchers who enrich the educational experience. Its facilities, the number and standard of lectures and the coordination of courses complying with the innovative English education system, contribute to giving Atlantis college the prestige and characteristics of a European school.
Atlantis college strives for and succeeds in providing:
- Latest technology and facilities
- Guidance in the development of working skills
- Working closely with industry via real-life projects, helping students to obtain experience and confidence before directly
entering the professional area of their chosen subject


Atlantis College is located in Liopetri, Famagusta area, close to Agia Napa, the most famous tourist destination in Europe. It consists of 6,000 habitants who are well known for their hospitality and friendship. Lenia College is dedicated to provide students with excellent academic and practical knowledge within a friendly and familiar environment, always adapted to industry.